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Terms & Conditions

1. Price for the Goods

a. The price for the goods is set by the “seller” and are published on the Internet website  

b. “Buyer” can view his current prices after singing in, to the e-shop. 

c. Items listed on the website with 0 stock on hand do not display any pricing information. 

d. Prices agreed otherwise must be confirmed with an email by both parties. 

e. Prices for projects are valid as per the contract signed and mutually accepted by both parties.

f. Prices may change based on Payment terms mutually agreed by both parties.

g. Prices may change without any prior notice.

2. Ordering of Goods

a. “Buyer” shall order the goods and enter into the purchase agreement personally at the seller's e-store (, by phone, e-mail or physical store of the ”Seller”

b.  Any herein mentioned form of ordering is binding. “Buyer” shall provide seller with all necessary details in the order for its successful fulfilment (i.e., way of delivery, delivery location, payment method etc.)

c. If the above details are not specifically mentioned on the purchase agreement, the “Seller” will use the default details stored in the “Buyer’s” account stored in our ERP system.

3. Change and cancellation of the order–purchase agreement

a. “Buyer” is allowed to ask “seller” to change or cancel only unconfirmed orders placed via the e-store or by phone within 3 working days without any penalty.  Orders placed via email and confirmed Project orders can not be cancelled and are subject to penalty (cancellation fee) charges amounting to 25% of the total order.

b. “Seller” is allowed to withdraw fully or partially from the agreement if realization of the order becomes impossible due to ceased production of ordered goods, the goods can not be imported onto the market, which is accessible to seller, or the cause of its long term unavailability of the products.

c. “Seller” has a right to cancel the order and terminate the agreement if the purchase price from “seller's” suppliers has changed significantly, if “seller” was unaware of such a price change at the moment of the order confirmation. 

d. “Seller” shall inform “buyer” on the price change without delay and prior to cancellation of the purchase agreement and shall renegotiate a new deal. Should a new agreement with “buyer” on the new price not be possible, “seller” has a right to terminate the purchase agreement–order.

4. Return Policy

a. “Buyer” can apply to return goods to “seller” within 5 working days from invoice date and after consulting with the “seller”. The cost of returning the goods lies with the “buyer”. Goods must reach the “seller” no later than 7 working days from invoice date.

b. Products must be in original package and not damaged.

c. “Seller” has the right to refuse the return product(s)  if the packaging is opened and if the product has been used. 

d. Restocking fee (return penalty outside the agreed return policy) is 25% of the value of the product.

5. Warranty

a. Warranty period for each product is listed on both the invoice and e-store (product page). 

b. Some products may require the registration of a warranty card provided by the manufacturer. 

c. Warranty is only valid if products are used according to manufacturers instructions, proper environmental conditions, and proper grounding. Some products may require installation by professional installers.

d. “Seller” has the right to refuse warranty if “seller” can visually identify that the product has not been used according to manufacturer's instructions and the product been used in environmental conditions not allowed by the “manufacturer”

e. “Seller” has the right to refuse warranty if the “manufacturer” identifies that the product has been misused and “manufacturer” voids the warranty for the product

f. “Seller” may void the warranty of the product if no valid RMA approval form accompanies the product.

g. “Seller” may void the warranty if the product applied for warranty has not reached our office before the warranty expires.

6. Miscellaneous provisions

Signing up in the e-shop, “buyer” agrees with receiving informative promotional material

“Seller” has a right to change these General Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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