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The Keline structured cabling system is the result of the work of experts in the field of research, testing and production of components for high-speed digital signal transmission. Keline represents not only a product but also technical expertise in the form of development, quality control, professional training and comprehensive technical support. Thanks to that, it can deliver efficient and innovative solutions customized to the specific needs of its users.
Model: HN-DIN1
keystone jack not included designed for DIN rails in residential and industrial electric distribution (home networking and industrial Ethernet) port protected with a dust-proof shutter The determination of Reaction to Fire Class Performance of this cable has been performed by Product Certificat..
product.price_for_retailer 2.70€ product.tax_for_retailer 3.21€ product.special_for_retailer 2.70€ product.price_without_tax 2.70€ product.price_inc_tax 3.21€ product.special 3.21€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 2.10€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
2.70€ (3.21€ Inc. VAT)
Keline IP66 Outlet, 2-port, wall-mounted, empty Keline IP66 Outlet, 2-port, wall-mounted, empty
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Model: 601166-AP
Keystone jacks not included protected against strong jets of water and totally protected against dust suitable for outdoor, humid and dusty areas IP66 protection is preserved even with connected patch cables number of cable inputs: 5, number of clamps PG13,5:2  Technical specification ..
product.price_for_retailer 2.80€ product.tax_for_retailer 3.33€ product.special_for_retailer 2.80€ product.price_without_tax 2.80€ product.price_inc_tax 3.33€ product.special 3.33€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 2.20€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
Model: 511119
designed to cover empty ports of patch panels or outlets The determination of Reaction to Fire Class Performance of this cable has been performed by Product Certification Body notified by European Commision, which also carries out the assessment and verification of constant performance (AVCP) in ..
product.price_for_retailer 0.10€ product.tax_for_retailer 0.12€ product.special_for_retailer 0.10€ product.price_without_tax 0.10€ product.price_inc_tax 0.12€ product.special 0.12€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 0.10€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
0.10€ (0.12€ Inc. VAT)
Model: 601122
keystone jacks not included angled entry   each port protected with a dust-proof shutter   fully compliant with Legrand® MosaicTM single and dual frames P/N: 078802 + 080251, 078814 + 080252, 078816 + 080253, 078818 + 080254 Technical specification Central module 45x45 mm ..
product.price_for_retailer 1.20€ product.tax_for_retailer 1.43€ product.special_for_retailer 1.20€ product.price_without_tax 1.20€ product.price_inc_tax 1.43€ product.special 1.43€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 0.90€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
1.20€ (1.43€ Inc. VAT)
Model: 601140-UP
Keystone jacks not included angled entry    each port protected with a dust-proof shutter  Technical specification Frame 80x80 mm Central module 50x50 mm Color white RAL9010 Surface shiny Required installation depth 35 mm ..
product.price_for_retailer 2.90€ product.tax_for_retailer 3.45€ product.special_for_retailer 2.90€ product.price_without_tax 2.90€ product.price_inc_tax 3.45€ product.special 3.45€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 2.30€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
2.90€ (3.45€ Inc. VAT)
Model: KE-SMB02-W
Keystone jacks not included straight entry  Technical specification Width 68 mm Height 64 mm Depth 30 mm Color white Material Plastic Surface Matt   The determination of Reaction to Fire Class Performan..
product.price_for_retailer 1.70€ product.tax_for_retailer 2.02€ product.special_for_retailer 1.70€ product.price_without_tax 1.70€ product.price_inc_tax 2.02€ product.special 2.02€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 1.30€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
1.70€ (2.02€ Inc. VAT)
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