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i3/i2 Series Door Phones

i3/i2 Series Door Phones from Fanvil
Fanvil i20S SIP Door Phone Fanvil i20S SIP Door Phone
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Model: i20S
The design of Fanvil i20S Sip Door phone is based on experience and knowledge of Fanvil IP phone development. The i20S uses standard IP/RTP/RTSP protocol for voice transmission and enjoy the advantages of a full range of compatibility. It has a variety of enterprise-level features and is compatible ..
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Fanvil i31S SIP Door Phone Fanvil i31S SIP Door Phone
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Model: i31S
The Fanvil i31S is a SIP door phone that brings in the next generation of entry control and monitoring. The i31S combines IP technology with industry standards for access and physical security to deliver a system that improves communication for tenants, guests and visitors. FANVIL I31S SIP DOOR PHON..
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Model: i32V
The Fanvil i32V is designed for outdoor scenes with high reliability, HD Audio/Video, and IP65/IK10 protection grade. It combines with access control, security, audio/video intercom and broadcasting functionalities for smooth, safe and clear communication. FANVIL I32V KEY FEATURES Built-in HD camer..
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