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Wireless Router

Wireless Router
Model: RG-EG105GW
HIGHLIGHT  FEATURES: All-in-one device which integrated switch, AP, portal, and router Support 802.11ac Wave2, totally 1317Mbps with 5 antennas Support unbreakable and load balancing multi-WAN internet Easy to customize portal page, what you see is what you get Secure access your internal dev..
product.price_for_retailer 127.40€ product.tax_for_retailer 151.61€ product.special_for_retailer 127.40€ product.price_without_tax 127.40€ product.price_inc_tax 151.61€ product.special 151.61€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 89.20€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
127.40€ (151.61€ Inc. VAT)
Model: RG-EG105GW-X
Highlight Features A professional and high performance Wi-Fi 6 business router. Easy to set up the whole network with all-in-one machine. Press button, Reyee Mesh networking done.  Integrated rich enterprise-grade features for business scenarios. Securely monitoring the NVR/IPC/internal serve..
product.price_for_retailer 188.10€ product.tax_for_retailer 223.84€ product.special_for_retailer 188.10€ product.price_without_tax 188.10€ product.price_inc_tax 223.84€ product.special 223.84€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 131.70€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
188.10€ (223.84€ Inc. VAT)
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