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TP Adaptor

Zero side lobes radiation pattern of Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Horn sectors effectively deals with RF noise and enables high performance wireless networks.
The TwistPort™ Adaptor for PrismStation™ 5AC / IsoStation™ 5AC / IsoStation™ M5 makes the radios compatible with all TwistPort™ Antennas. TwistPort™ Adaptors are equipped with our original quick-locking waveguide port. Connecting and disconnecting the IsoStation™ radio series from the TwistPort™ Ada..
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What Is TwistPortTM Adaptor TwistPortTM Adaptors make most popular connectorized radios and MikroTikTM RouterBoards compatible with TwistPortTM antennas. Integration into TwistPortTMeco-system ensures the benefits of low loss, high scalability, easy co-location, simple deployment and easy maintenan..
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Model: TPA-PAF
This Adapter is also compatible with the newest Gen 2 of Rocket Prism 5AC and with the AF-5XHD airFiber® radios. Complete List of compatible radios includes: UBNT Rocket Prism 5AC, Rocket Prism 5AC Gen2, airFiber® 5X and airFiber 5XHD. The migration path from Rocket Prism 5AC to airFiber 5X platfor..
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Model: TPA-R5AC
TwistPort Adaptors for connectorized radios allow easy integration with Ubiquiti Networks Rocket 5AC-Lite. TwistPort Adaptors for Ubiquiti Networks Rocket Radios use special coaxial connectors without threads, so the integration is revolutionary easy. Simply slide the radio into the Adaptor until yo..
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RF Elements TPA-RBC Twistport Adaptor for RouterBoard with MMCX RF Elements TPA-RBC Twistport Adaptor for RouterBoard with MMCX
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Model: TPA-RBC
Product ID  TPA-RBC Antenna Connection  TwistPortTM - Quick Locking Waveguide Port Radio Connection  2x Right Angle MMCX Materials  Insert - Aluminium Alloy, Body - Aluminium Alloy Temperature  -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F) Win..
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Model: TPA-SMA
TwistPort Adaptor (TPA) adapts 3rd party radios to RF elements proprietary TwistPortTM waveguide connector. We typically provide custom made TPA for specific 3rd party radios, following their shape and connector setup. Custom designed TPA allows for the best RF performance, minimal RF loss and excel..
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