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Model: Q+DA0001
Connect two CRS326-24S+2Q+RM switches without a hassle – this cable has integrated QSFP+ modules, plug it in and enjoy the speed! The cable is 1 meter long and is fairly flexible – your devices don’t have to be on top of each other. ..
product.price_for_retailer 28.30€ product.tax_for_retailer 33.68€ product.special_for_retailer 28.30€ product.price_without_tax 28.30€ product.price_inc_tax 33.68€ product.special 33.68€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 21.50€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
28.30€ (33.68€ Inc. VAT)
MikroTik QSFP28 (1/10/25/100G), Single mode, 10km, 2x LC Connector XQ+31LC10D
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Model: XQ+31LC10D
Add this QSFP module for distances up to 10 kilometers to your CCR2216, CRS504 or CRS518 setups and enjoy real speed and ultimate reliability. This optical module offers four independent full-duplex channels with up to 25 Gbps per channel bandwidth and an aggregate bandwidth of 100 Gbps. The module ..
product.price_for_retailer 366.60€ product.tax_for_retailer 436.25€ product.special_for_retailer 366.60€ product.price_without_tax 366.60€ product.price_inc_tax 436.25€ product.special 436.25€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 279.10€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
Model: S-RJ01
S-RJ01 is RJ45 SFP 10/100/1000M copper module, compatible with most Gigabit SFP ports available on various networking devices. Shipped with CCR1016-12S-1S+, by popular demand is now also available for purchase separately.   Product specifications Details Product code S-RJ01 ..
product.price_for_retailer 30.20€ product.tax_for_retailer 35.94€ product.special_for_retailer 30.20€ product.price_without_tax 30.20€ product.price_inc_tax 35.94€ product.special 35.94€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 23.00€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
30.20€ (35.94€ Inc. VAT)
Model: S+RJ10
This unique module opens up a whole world of high speed connectivity possibilities, offering up to 10 Gbps speeds over regular familiar twisted-pair cables in your existing products that have SFP+ ports. Any MikroTik device with active cooling that has SFP+ ports can now be used without installing a..
product.price_for_retailer 65.00€ product.tax_for_retailer 77.35€ product.special_for_retailer 65.00€ product.price_without_tax 65.00€ product.price_inc_tax 77.35€ product.special 77.35€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 49.50€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
65.00€ (77.35€ Inc. VAT)
Mikrotik SFP (1.25G) module, 20KM, Single Mode S-31DLC20D
Out Of Stock
Model: S-31DLC20D
S-31DLC20D is a 1.25G SFP transceiver with a 1310nm Dual LC connector, for up to 20 kilometer Single Mode fiber connections, with DDMUnits are tested and compatible with RB260GS,RB2011LS, RB2011LS-IN, RB2011UAS-IN, RB2011UAS-RM, RB2011UAS-2HnD, RB2011UAS-2HnD-IN, and CCR1036-12G-4S. Units are compat..
product.price_for_retailer 21.00€ product.tax_for_retailer 24.99€ product.special_for_retailer 21.00€ product.price_without_tax 21.00€ product.price_inc_tax 24.99€ product.special 24.99€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 16.00€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
Model: S-85DLC05D
S-85DLC05D is a 1.25G SFP transceiver with a 850nm Dual LC connector, for up to 550 meter Multi Mode fiber connection, with DDMUnits are tested and compatible with RB260GS, RB2011LS, RB2011LS-IN, RB2011UAS-IN, RB2011UAS-RM, RB2011UAS-2HnD, RB2011UAS-2HnD-IN and CCR1036-12G-4S. Units are compatible w..
product.price_for_retailer 18.10€ product.tax_for_retailer 21.54€ product.special_for_retailer 18.10€ product.price_without_tax 18.10€ product.price_inc_tax 21.54€ product.special 21.54€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 13.80€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
18.10€ (21.54€ Inc. VAT)
Model: S-3553LC20D
S-35/53LC20D is a pair of SFP transceivers, the S-35LC20D is a 1.25G Single Mode optical SFP module with a LC connector, T1310nm/R1550nm, which works for connections up to 20km and supports DDM. The S-53LC20D is a 1.25G Single Mode optical SFP transceiver with an LC connector,T1550nm/R1310nm, which ..
product.price_for_retailer 75.70€ product.tax_for_retailer 90.08€ product.special_for_retailer 75.70€ product.price_without_tax 75.70€ product.price_inc_tax 90.08€ product.special 90.08€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 57.60€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
75.70€ (90.08€ Inc. VAT)
Model: S+85DLC03D
S+85DLC03D is a 10G SFP+ transceiver with a LC connector, 850nm, for up to 300 meter Multi Mode fiber connectionsUnits are tested and compatible with CCR1036-8G-2S+ and CCR1036-8G-2S+EM. Units are compatible with non-MikroTik SFP devices as well.   Product specifications Details ..
product.price_for_retailer 60.70€ product.tax_for_retailer 72.23€ product.special_for_retailer 60.70€ product.price_without_tax 60.70€ product.price_inc_tax 72.23€ product.special 72.23€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 46.20€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
60.70€ (72.23€ Inc. VAT)
MikroTik SFP+ Active Optics direct attach cable, 5m
Out Of Stock
Model: S+AO0005
5m SFP+ 10Gbps Active Optics direct attach cable. This is highly cost-effective way to connect two SFP/SFP+ devices for very short distances, within racks and across adjacent racks. It works with all our products with SFP/SFP+ ports, including new RB4011 series (RB4011 series are not compatible with..
product.price_for_retailer 47.40€ product.tax_for_retailer 56.41€ product.special_for_retailer 47.40€ product.price_without_tax 47.40€ product.price_inc_tax 56.41€ product.special 56.41€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 36.10€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
MikroTik SFP28 (1/10/25G), Single mode, 1310nm, 10km, 2x LC Connector XS+31LC10D
Out Of Stock
Model: XS+31LC10D
product.price_for_retailer 149.00€ product.tax_for_retailer 177.31€ product.special_for_retailer 149.00€ product.price_without_tax 149.00€ product.price_inc_tax 177.31€ product.special 177.31€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 113.40€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
Model: XS+DA0001
We are releasing new direct attach cables that support not only SFP 1G and SFP+ 10G, but also the 25G SFP28 standard! With the new direct attach cables you get more features for the same price! This is highly cost-effective way to connect two SFP/SFP+/SFP28 devices (for example two units of our new..
product.price_for_retailer 30.00€ product.tax_for_retailer 35.70€ product.special_for_retailer 30.00€ product.price_without_tax 30.00€ product.price_inc_tax 35.70€ product.special 35.70€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 22.90€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
30.00€ (35.70€ Inc. VAT)
MikroTik XS+DA0003 SFP/SFP+/SFP28 Direct attach cable  (3m)
Out Of Stock
Model: XS+DA0003
We are releasing new direct attach cables that support not only SFP 1G and SFP+ 10G, but also the 25G SFP28 standard! With the new direct attach cables you get more features for the same price! This is highly cost-effective way to connect two SFP/SFP+/SFP28 devices (for example two units of our new..
product.price_for_retailer 41.50€ product.tax_for_retailer 49.39€ product.special_for_retailer 41.50€ product.price_without_tax 41.50€ product.price_inc_tax 49.39€ product.special 49.39€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 31.60€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
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