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Fiber Products such as SFP Optical Modules, DAC and AOC Cables, Media Converters, Fiber optic cables, pigtails, patch cords, fiber adapters and couplers, splicing cassette, fiber outlets, optical connectors and more.
Splice protectors 60mm long Equipped with a stiffening rod and a heat-shrinkable cover which, reducing its volume in the ratio of 3: 1, protects the weld and allows it to be placed on the tray...
product.price_for_retailer 8.50€ product.tax_for_retailer 10.12€ product.special_for_retailer 8.50€ product.price_without_tax 8.50€ product.price_inc_tax 10.12€ product.special 10.12€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 3.90€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
8.50€ (10.12€ Inc. VAT)
Model: TL-FC1420
14 bays to house up to 14 media converters Optional redundant power supply to ensure non-stop reliable operation Hot-Swappable; easy & quick replacement of converter Mounted two cooling fans for better ventilation   HARDWARE FEATURES Fan Quantity 2   ME..
product.price_for_retailer 174.00€ product.tax_for_retailer 207.06€ product.special_for_retailer 174.00€ product.price_without_tax 174.00€ product.price_inc_tax 207.06€ product.special 207.06€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 138.00€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
174.00€ (207.06€ Inc. VAT)
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