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Model: EX-POE48V05A
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10.70€ (12.73€ Inc. VAT)
Model: GPEN11
The GPEN11 is a power injector that can be mounted on a wall, and will power your uplink devices with PoE power. The GPEN11 is part of the GPEN (Gigabit Passive Ethernet Network) concept, which aims to replace GPON installations with lower cost and more easy to deploy ethernet alternative. It also ..
product.price_for_retailer 11.40€ product.tax_for_retailer 13.57€ product.special_for_retailer 11.40€ product.price_without_tax 11.40€ product.price_inc_tax 13.57€ product.special 13.57€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 8.70€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
11.40€ (13.57€ Inc. VAT)
MikroTik passive Gigabit PoE adapter, 24V 0.5A, grounded MikroTik passive Gigabit PoE adapter, 24V 0.5A, grounded
Out Of Stock
Model: HSG12-2400
HSG12-2400 is a passive, Gigabit, stabilized PoE adapter with LED indication, 24V output power and max. current 0.5A. The maximum output is 12W. The voltage is on these pins: 4.5 (+), 7.8 (-)...
product.price_for_retailer 11.10€ product.tax_for_retailer 13.21€ product.special_for_retailer 11.10€ product.price_without_tax 11.10€ product.price_inc_tax 13.21€ product.special 13.21€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 6.80€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
Model: HSG24-4800
HS24-4800 is a passive, Gigabit, stabilized PoE adapter with LED indication, 48V output power and max. current 0.5A. The maximum output is 24W. The voltage is on these pins: 4.5 (+), 7.8 (-)...
product.price_for_retailer 11.60€ product.tax_for_retailer 13.80€ product.special_for_retailer 11.60€ product.price_without_tax 11.60€ product.price_inc_tax 13.80€ product.special 13.80€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 7.10€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
11.60€ (13.80€ Inc. VAT)
MikroTik PoE Injector 24V 1A 24W, grounded MikroTik PoE Injector 24V 1A 24W, grounded
Out Of Stock
Model: HC24-2400
High quality stabilized PoE power adapter with grounding, LED indication, 24V output voltage and max. current 1A. The maximum output power is 24W. It is a cheaper alternative to 24V/1A PoE power adapters from Ubiquiti (POE-24-24W). The package also includes a 3-pin power cable...
product.price_for_retailer 10.20€ product.tax_for_retailer 12.14€ product.special_for_retailer 10.20€ product.price_without_tax 10.20€ product.price_inc_tax 12.14€ product.special 12.14€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 6.30€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
MikroTik RBGPOE PoE Gigabit Injector MikroTik RBGPOE PoE Gigabit Injector
Out Of Stock
MikroTik RBGPOE Adapter PoE Gigabit injector on cable is a splitter that allows you to connect the power to the Ethernet cable. The splitter has an input for connecting the power supply, an Ethernet socket for connecting remote devices. SPECIFICATIONS: Product Code RBGPOE Input Voltage..
product.price_for_retailer 8.80€ product.tax_for_retailer 10.47€ product.special_for_retailer 8.80€ product.price_without_tax 8.80€ product.price_inc_tax 10.47€ product.special 10.47€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 5.40€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
Model: 24V-1A-G-OEM
High-quality stabilized Gigabit PoE power adapter / injector with ground, LED indication, 24V output voltage and 1A max. current. The maximum output power is 24W. Compared to standard injectors, it powering over all 8 wire (4 pairs). The package includes 3-pin power cable. The PoE adapter is only ..
product.price_for_retailer 15.09€ product.tax_for_retailer 17.96€ product.special_for_retailer 15.09€ product.price_without_tax 15.09€ product.price_inc_tax 17.96€ product.special 17.96€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 9.26€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
15.09€ (17.96€ Inc. VAT)
Model: 24V-1A-G-POE-BULK
product.price_for_retailer 15.07€ product.tax_for_retailer 17.93€ product.special_for_retailer 15.07€ product.price_without_tax 15.07€ product.price_inc_tax 17.93€ product.special 17.93€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 9.25€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
15.07€ (17.93€ Inc. VAT)
This Gigabit PoE (10/100/1000 Mbps) adapter powers MikroTik RouterBOARD’s and any other PoE powered devices. Simply connect your power source and then use an ethernet cable to connect the injector to the device.Helps reducing number of wires that lead up the tower.Power over pins 4 and 5 is used to..
product.price_for_retailer 6.20€ product.tax_for_retailer 7.38€ product.special_for_retailer 6.20€ product.price_without_tax 6.20€ product.price_inc_tax 7.38€ product.special 7.38€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 3.80€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
6.20€ (7.38€ Inc. VAT)
Model: U-POE-AF
Compact adapter capable of delivering 15W of PoE to 802.3af devices. The 802.3af PoE Injector (U PoE AF) is designed to power 802.3af PoE devices. The U PoE AF delivers up to 15W of PoE that can be used to power the Access Point U6 Lite and other 802.3af devices. It can also provide enhanced protec..
product.price_for_retailer 14.63€ product.tax_for_retailer 17.41€ product.special_for_retailer 14.63€ product.price_without_tax 14.63€ product.price_inc_tax 17.41€ product.special 17.41€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 8.98€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
14.63€ (17.41€ Inc. VAT)
Model: U-POE-AT
Compact adapter capable of delivering 30W of PoE+ to the U6 LR, U6 Pro, and other 802.3at devices. The 802.3at PoE+ Injector (U PoE AT) is designed to power 802.3at PoE+ devices. The U PoE AT delivers up to 30W of PoE+ that can be used to power the Access Point WiFi 6 Long-Range (U6 LR), Pro (U6 Pr..
product.price_for_retailer 27.74€ product.tax_for_retailer 33.01€ product.special_for_retailer 27.74€ product.price_without_tax 27.74€ product.price_inc_tax 33.01€ product.special 33.01€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 17.02€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
27.74€ (33.01€ Inc. VAT)
Ubiquiti POE-24-12W PoE Injector, 24VDC, 12W
Out Of Stock
Model: POE-24-12W
Ubiquiti PoE Adapters provide a variety of features to help protect your PoE devices: Surge protection Clamping protection Maximum surge discharge Peak pulse current AC cable with earth ground Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the leading cause for outdoor device failures. You can effective..
product.price_for_retailer 10.50€ product.tax_for_retailer 12.50€ product.special_for_retailer 10.50€ product.price_without_tax 10.50€ product.price_inc_tax 12.50€ product.special 12.50€ is_retailer 1 product.is_retailer product.price 6.50€ text_product_quantity product.text_product_quantity >>> >>>
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